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PAP: Purge Yourself of Stomach Infrastructures, Esuku Advises Ndiomu

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by Our Correspondent

The newly elected National Chairman of the Phase II of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, self-style Gen. John Esuku has admonished the Interim Administrator of PAP to stay clear of individuals with questionable characters.

Recall, some media houses reported that John Esuku, Julius Belemu , Demaro Vwaghie, Passman Akpos and Gift Agamene were elected as National body to pilot the affairs of the Phase II of the presidential Amnesty programme.

According to John Esuku, one Mr Ibena Rufus Salvation, in a poorly scripted publication online, claimed to be authentic Phase 2 exco, that the authentic Phase 2 exco are recognized by the Presidential Amnesty office, that they are still existing and led by their so called national chairman, Olotu Nwanemi.

Esuku noted that, the said Ibena is a mischief maker, a serial betrayer, an opportunist with a chameleonian attitude, a sycophant that changes any colour to suit the prevailing environment, for his personal benefits, in the detriment of others.

The National Chairman reiterated that, Rufus can pin tent anywhere as far as there are temporary benefits he’s deriving. stressing that the reason is strongly attaching himself to the Interim Administrator is as a result of some benefits he is (Ibena) deriving. Pause the benefits then you see him playing out is true colour.

John disclosed that, Ndiomu might have good intentions for the Ex-agitators if not of mischief Makers like Ibena, claiming closeness to the Interim Administrator, dishing out advice that will draw favour to himself (Ibena) from the eyes of the Administrator in the detriment of fellow Ex-agitators in the programme.

This he does causing strife between Ndiomu and the Ex-agitators, making the Programme tough for the Interim Administrator to handle.

“I advise Maj. Gen. Barry Tariye Ndiomu to be aware of Characters such as the likes of Rufus Ibena Salvation and others, who are stomach infrastructures. If He (Ndiomu) wants a smooth ride in this programme. Because as soon as he is (Ibena) done causing problem for the Interim Administrator, He will quickly pin his tent else where. He feels there are benefits, as the leopard never changes its spots”

“By God’s grace, I and my team duly elected by the 6166 Ex-agitators of the Phase II, will work for the good of the general body of the Ex-agitators without fear or favour, we are not here to fight anybody but for the good of all Ex-agitators, as long as what you are doing benefits the general house, I and my team will be fine by it”

“I and my team can not sit down when our fellow Ex-agitators are in pains, no! that can not be” he noted.

Gen. John Esuku call on the Phase II Ex-agitators not to be perturbed by the wailing of the likes of Ibena, that he is too focused to be distracted by such childishness, that this will be the last time he will respond to such frivolous act.

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