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Social Commentator Calls On Gov Diri’ to Lift Ban on Keke Night Operations

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by Our Correspondent

A social commentator, Mr. Passman Akpos, has appealed to the Bayelsa state Governor, Senator Douye Diri to lift the ban on tricycle operations at night in the state, for the common good of the ordinary man.

Recall that the state government restricted movement of commercial tricycles, also called Keke, between 7pm and 6pm daily within the Yenagoa metropolis over the crisis that happened after the clash between a passenger and an operator.

The appeal came on Friday in an open letter which stated that the effect of the ban has since achieved its purpose and is now negatively impacting Bayelsans.

The letter, written by the author of Militant with Pen reads;

Dear Governor,

I romance the pen on the paper to you, bearing in mind the current happenings in the yenagoa metropolis of the state.

Before I dive deep into the core push of this episode, I want to congratulate you for your recent victory in the poll, outside the grace of God that is at work in your life which nicknamed you the “Miracle Governor” it is evidence in your body language that you truly deserve the victory.

Sir, Your disposition in managing the state has created an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, which is a necessary Factor for development in any society. Bayelsa state as of now, can be counted as one of the peaceful states in the country as evident in the recent election. All of these were your peaceful body languages in the face of opposition that drums war in the recent election.

Mr Governor, what compelled me to write this letter, is the issue of restriction on all Keke (commercial tricycle) riders from 7pm to 6am. They are therefore expected to operate only in the day time.

This is a decision you took for the interest of Bayelsans and our visitors alike, to strengthen security and to prevent breakdown of law and order.

All of these are for the love of your people as a true son of the IJaw nation, a peace lover and a caring leader who listens to his people and responds swiftly to the best interest of Bayelsans and visitors alike.

Sir, I want to beg you to please lift the ban on this transportation medium.

The issue that led to the ban has long been addressed, and we have moved on, as life continues.

Governor sir, the issue of movement from one place to another in the state capital (Yenagoa) is currently a difficult task, if not checked, can dovetail to another heart break, which could have been prevented if necessary steps were taken.

Currently, it is a beehive of activities if you enter the street to take a taxi from one point to another when the time is 7:30pm and beyond.

The main road of the state capital is always flooded with Bayelsans and visitors alike, praying to catch the next available taxi to get to their various home.

To board a taxi to your aboard is currently a fight in yenagoa city.

Sir, some criminal minded miscreants can capitalize on this to start way laying people in the streets and when there is resistance by the victim, could lead to blood shed and this can trigger a civil reaction that will not paint the government in a good light.

Bayelsans are hard working people, some of our people are civil servants, some private business people, market women and men.

So many close very late from their various businesses and so they will need to get food from the market and this usually keeps them late outside home. The situation of the state capital made them stranded on the road. After getting food stuff in the market they will need to get home to meet with their love ones and this turns out to be another nightmare.

The other day I was at Tombia round about Axis of the state capital around 7:58pm, it was a fight for me to board a vehicle. I saw many people trying to even keep their phones and other valuable safe from the eyes of the so called bad boys from snatching it.

Sir, the situation is getting worse by the day. you know the situation and economy of the country is stressing, adding the current experience of this very situation to it is suicidal. The Lamentation on the street of the state capital is getting too much.

Governor sir, even as we enter the new year, let the ban of Keke be lifted.

You know, for some of our brothers that’s their source of income after the day’s activities. that’s the particular time they get their daily food.

As a Governor who wants the well being of his people, let this simple plea touch your heart as you do the needful of Bayelsans to ameliorate their pain.

I beg to discontinue the romance of my pen on the paper as I await your immediate response.”

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