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HURRAY! Eze Cassidy Ikegbidi Confirmed A Natural Ruler

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While some are said to be born great,
Others were bestowed with greatness,
Few achieved greatness.

His Majesty, Eze Cassidy Okpara Webber Ikegbidi, JP, Eze Igbu Akoh II is a man who achieved greatness from the cradle.

Surmounting all odds, you have grown from grass to grace, no wonder the cap of the NATURAL RULER fits you better.

I join other well wishers to felicitate with you on your official recognition and issuance of staff of office by the Rivers State Government.

I pray that God Almighty, who has honoured you thus far, will not abandon you, and may your people benefit from the recognition, Amen.

Ukela zhini Ebilikpabi.

Eze Igbu Akoh,
Chizhi li ikashi !
Chizhi li umukpa!!
Chizhi li eze!!!


King Salvation Ezegwogwo, JP
Eze Ukale Aume I

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