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2027: I am Taking Over Rivers State From Gov. Fubara – Dr. Gborogbosi

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As the Next Governor of Rivers State, I will take over from HE Governor Fubara after the next election, by the grace of God.

In the meantime, my advisory and expertise will be available to Governor Fubara in providing good governance.

With a career spanning over three decades in leadership roles, I bring a wealth of experience and a vision that resonates with the aspirations of the people of Rivers State.

Having honed my skills in the private sector through working at Shell Nigeria, I am well-prepared to transition into the role of Chief Executive Officer of Rivers State.

My profile:

Twitter (X): @LeesiGborogbosi

My candidacy emphasises governance guided by principles of integrity, competence, and a deep-rooted faith. My commitment to serving the people with sincerity and accountability is a cornerstone of my vision for the future of Rivers State.

I have a clear and comprehensive roadmap for the development and progress of Rivers State.

Central to my vision are NINE GOVERNANCE PRIORITIES, each designed to address critical areas of development and upliftment within Rivers State.

These priorities are not mere promises but actionable plans that reflect my commitment to effecting positive change in the welfare of the people.

I have highlighted below my NINE GOVERNANCE PRIORITIES:

● Good and Integrated Governance

One of my key priorities is good and integrated governance. The state government, local government, state house of assembly, the judiciary, traditional rulers, private sector, and social sector will work together to deliver happiness to the people of Rivers State. The goal is to achieve development everywhere.

● Job Creation

We will budget yearly, ₦30 billion for job creation to enable us to create between 23,000 to 30,000 jobs per year across Rivers State, having 1000 jobs per LGA. We will invest in all sectors of the economy using Public Private Partnerships. We plan to set up an ultra-modern music recording studio and event centre at low costs for entertainers. Every senatorial area will have a standard stadium. The goal is for anyone staying in villages to access job opportunities.

● Solid Education

A solid education is also critical to our future success. We must invest in our schools, teachers, and students to ensure access to high-quality education for all. My focus is to move from the “education of knowing” to the “education of solving problems”. The goal is to develop innovative minds to solve societal problems.

● Secure Society

A secure society is also necessary for our citizens to thrive. We must work to create a safe and secure environment for everyone, free from crime and violence. We will invest in the police force, the courts, and community policing to protect lives and properties and secure operating environments for business interests. The goal is to have a society effectively secured for lives, properties and all interests,

● Strong Economy

A strong economy is also crucial to our success. We must work to attract new businesses and funds to Rivers State while also supporting our existing businesses to help them grow and thrive. Entrepreneurs in all sectors will play a central role in our economic drive. The goal is to create new jobs and opportunities while driving economic growth and development in urban cities and rural communities.

● 3 New Cities

I am focusing on building three new cities in Rivers State. Port Harcourt will remain the administrative capital of Rivers State. I will situate a new city in each of the three senatorial areas. These cities will be economic cities and economic hubs. There will be an industrial park in each senatorial area. The goal is for the cities to act as catalysts to drive economic growth and development of the senatorial areas.

● Human Capital Development

Human capital development is also an essential priority. We must invest in our youth and women, providing them with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to succeed in today’s economy. We will adopt training programs, mentorship, apprenticeships, and other initiatives to help our people develop their skills and talents. The goal is to support people to realise their dreams.

● Accessible Healthcare

Accessible healthcare services are also critical to our success. We must work to ensure that our people have access to high-quality healthcare, regardless of their income, social status, or location. We will collaborate with the private sector to invest in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities to ensure they are well-equipped and staffed. The goal is for people to access quality healthcare in a timely and cost-effective manner.

● Pension Transformation and Regular payment

We must work to reform our pension system, ensuring that all retirees receive regular payments and that their benefits are protected. There will be functional and digitised pension offices in all local government areas. We will adopt blockchain technology to enable verification exercises of pensioners at their homes or LGA offices twice a year. The goal is to ensure pensioners live a dignified and happy life after years of service to the state.

My candidacy represents a beacon of hope for Rivers State, offering a transformative vision and commitment to effective governance.

Together, we can build a better, brighter future for the people of Rivers State.

May God grant me and Rivers State the favour of peace, love and prosperity to abound in the land wherein we dwell.

Rivers State is Great. Let us realise our Greatness.

Sir (Dr) Leesi Gborogbosi

Strategy & Management Consultant
Governorship Candidate in the 2023 Election

❤ Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour.


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