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Private University Launches Institute of Trado-Medical Research in Cross River

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by Irene Offiong

As part of efforts to guarantee access to affordable and quality healthcare services for people, a private university has launched an Institute of Trado-Medical Research within its campus.

The Institute, which commenced its research three years ago, is located within the Arthur Jarvis University campus in Akpabuyo local government area of Cross River State, southern Nigeria.

The Chancellor of the university, Sir Arthur Jarvis Archibong and his management team told journalists in Calabar, the capital of Cross River State that the research institute would utilize a wide range of herbs around the university community and collaborate with recognised traditional medicine practitioners to find treat for some illnesses.

He said, “the university is located in Akpabuyo, a place naturally endowed with vegetation eaten and used for centuries for curative purposes. We believe that it has become essential to harness this nature given resources for the benefit of humanity.

“This research institute actually started years ago and we are officially announcing to the world that with the herbs from our locality, we have successfully treated life threatening illnesses like hemorrhoids, prostate, diabetes, asthma, kidney stone, cancer, fibroid, epilepsy, bone fracture, dislocation and setting as well as others,” said Archibong.

He categorically stated that the establishment of the Institute of Trado-Medical Research was in tandem with the vision of the Nigerian Government to develop its healthcare delivery sector by the clear, controlled integration of traditional, complimentary and alternative medicine.

“This action is in line with the Federal Government’s vision through the establishment of the Department of Traditional, Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) under the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare as approved by the Head of Service in a letter referenced OHCSF/MSO/72/IV/132 dated April 2018,” he stated.

According to him, the National University Commission already captured Complimentary and Alternative Medicine as part of courses under the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences to achieve the government’s vision.

He emphasized that the institute was equipped with standard facilities and was ready to offer alternative treatment to anyone diagnosed with life threatening illnesses.

SDG target

Similarly, the Acting Vice Chancellor of the university, Dr. Joe Edet explained that the institution was leveraging on the natural resources available and the Nigerian Government’s approval to intensify its research into traditional medicine as part of its contribution to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Dr. Edet noted, “our work is to contribute to develop the nation’s health sector and establishing this research institute has enabled us tow that line. Recall that the United Nations Universal Health Coverage seeks to ensure everyone has access to quality and affordable healthcare as stated in the SDG.

“Besides, traditional medicine did not start today. So, integrating traditional medicine, alternative medicine into our healthcare delivery system is for the overall benefit of humanity. We have recorded successes like you heard the Chancellor say. The rate has been 100 percent and we will continue with our research. As we continue, we will expand,” he stated.

The Nigerian Government licensed Arthur Jarvis University commenced academic activities in 2017 and has grown to a population of more than a thousand students across four faculties.

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