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Rivers Police Commissioner Calls For Religious Tolerance

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by Our Correspondent

The Rivers State Commissioner of Police, CP Olatunji Disu has called on Nigerians to imbibe the spirit of tolerance amongst themselves.

The Police Boss, who was accompanied by Deputy Commissioners of Administrations/Finance and Operations with other senior officers made the call on Sunday, March 3, 2024, when they worshipped at Corpus Christi Catholic Church located at CFC bus stop Aba road, Port Harcourt.

CP Disu in his address to the church said;”I am a Moslem. I am here today to felicitate with you as the Commissioner of Police in charge of security in Rivers state. I am here to meet with you, To let you know that we encourage everyone to practice their religion, We encourage it as the Police and the Inspector General of Police has also emphasized tolerance of other peoples religion.

“It is the prayers of everyone that has kept this country together the way it is today and we all know it.I am here to talk about what we Police have being doing .We have being doing our best in protecting lives and property and we will continue to do it.

“We want to beg you to continue to cooperate with us. We are human being, Jesus Christ had twelve disciples and in the twelve he had one Judas. In this command, I have thousands of Policemen working with me.If you do the calculation you know what I am talking about.

“You have to help me to do my Job. I have left my phone numbers everywhere, If you have any complaints against activities of any Police officer who you think is doing what the person is not supposed to be doing, please my contact is public.We will work on it and give you feed back.

“I will not come to this church today and go away without learning one or two messages .I listened very well to the priest how he admonished all leaders.I am taking it home.Another one I am taking home is this,he mentioned the fact that Jesus christ entered a church and he found them selling .They have turned it to what is not supposed to be And he sent all of them away.

“Jesus Christ did a little bit of security work.I am proud to say I am a Policeman.The best job anybody can do in the world is being a Policeman.

“I have entered this church,I have seen orderliness.I saw wonderful parade.I am taking that home as well.

“I saw security, orderliness when people were dropping money in the boxes and immediately after that they moved it away that is security .It is still part of what we do as Police officers and going to leave you with one word.

“I learnt alot of things but I am going to leave you with one word.I got it from the priest as well.

“I saw everybody lining up so gentle .If everybody in the world continue like this there will not be crime”.

CP Disu in adminishing people to stay away from crime asked,What will they do when they know that nobody is watching them.

The Assistant Parish Administrator of the church,Rev.FR.Peter Derah in his response told CP Disu and his team to sieve out round pegs in square holes in the command especially those officers working in non-conformity with ethics and code of conducts of the organization.

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