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  • Dr. More Oja-Chinda

Rivers State People, I speak to you today as One of the Sons of Rivers State.
As a Senior Politcian, and a two-time Governorship Aspirant of the State on the Platform of our dear great Party, PDP – 2006 and 2010.
I am from Rumueme Kingdom in the same Obio/Akpor LGA with the former Governor of the State, Chef Barr. Ezenwo Nyesom Wike.

Your Excellency, Governor Sim Fubara, be strong, be focussed and be assured that We, in GOD IS ABLE TEAM, with other well meaning Citizens of Rivers State are solidly behind you.

Chef Nyesom Wike’s story is an old story. We all know him. I wrote and GIAT also wrote our Solidarity Messages to His Excellency, Sim Fubara as the Trouble between him and his Predecessor started. We made our Position clear to the Governor, and on SIM FUBARA WE SOLIDLY PITCH OUR POLITICAL TENT.

Ex-Gov Wike is a Maximum ruler, and very Vindictive. I have never seen a man like him in my 44 years in Political Practice. He wants Sim Fubara to be his stooge. A duly elected Governor?
He must be joking. Was he a stooge or an errand boy to any former Gov? Why should he want to Pocket Gov Sim Fubara? If We allow that to happen, that means the whole Rivers State shall become slaves to Wike forever.

God forbid bad thing!
We must not allow that to happen in Rivers State. Did we have any Governor who was a stooge to his predecessor in Rivers State before? Why should Sim Fubara be allowed to be a stooge to Wike? Gov Sim Fubara should be allowed a free hand, just like other Governors that governed Rivers State before him.
He was elected by all of us. He has our mandate. He should be allowed to rule freely. Nyesom Wike should allow Governor Sim Fubara to rule us with the fear of God.
Don’t everybody see Sim Fubara, does he look like the likes of Ezenwo Nyesom Wike?
Sir Siminalayi Fubara has conscience. He is not heartless. He is not vindictive, he does not want to own the whole assets in the world.

For the first time in the history of Rivers State, a Governor gave #100,000.00 as Christmas bonus to every Civil Servant. This can show all of us the kind of man Sim Fubara is. If the people cannot bless him, God will surely do. Did Wike remember to look at the Civil Servants during his tenure? Instead, he was busy going to court with some sections of the Civil Service as if they came from Ethiopia, not Rivers State.

Wike was shouting Ring road, Ring road, meanwhile, he orchestrated it in a way that his own person will control the payments that goes into such a huge Project. If Wike is the Governor, will he ever accept such arrangement?
Almost all the Commissioners were appointed by Chef Wike, Special Advisers and Permanent Secretaries, the same, and handed over to Governor Sim Fubara to announce. Can somebody else do that to Nyesom Wike? No way!

In Nyesom Wike’s eight years administration in Rivers State, he only appointed and empowered those who are stooges to him, both his brother alike..Once you don’t agree with Wike, he tags you a political enemy, and he will never in this life forgive you,no matter what you do.

I, Dr. More Oja -Chinda is a victim of that. What kind of a man is that? Ask questions from those who were members of PDP in 1998 up until date. Irrespective that I am his Senior by far in Politics and his Senior by age, he never forgave me up until date. Is that the quality of a good ruler?
If people asked Wike, what did you do for Rivers People as a Governor, he will tell you go and see 15 flyovers.Yes, he built 15 flyovers,but I ask; is flyovers the problem of Rivers People?

The answer is CAPITAL NO. Rivers People need employment to put food on their tables. We need good roads, we need electricity, we need education, both technical and general. We need good functional healthcare delivery to take care of the health needs of the citizenry of Rivers State, we need contracts. We need a good and promotional Civil Service, etc. In all these things I have mentioned, which one did Wike excellently did during his eight years in Office?

In all his appointments as governor, they were all funny.That was not a good example of a good politician. Look at the set of Local Govt Chairmen he imposed on us in the respective Local Government Areas. It is very funny.The same people Wike appointed Commissioners, Special Advisers, etc., are the same people he used for eight years and passed them on again over to Gov Sim Fubara. Where does that happen in a democratic system or governance?

Are they the only politicians or people in Rivers State? Is that the quality of a good politician? if I may ask..All those Wike appointed into one office or the other, if you are not his stooge, you must be his relative one way or the other. Wike turned to Field Marshall Idi Amin of Uganda over night. Wike forgot that Politics Is Turn by Turn.Eventhough his political career is almost at the night. Maybe, that escapes his memory.

I still have to advise him to change to Write his name in the annals of history.
If I continue to talk about Chief Barr. Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike’s lapses and failures, we won’t sleep. I am only very sorry for those that are his stooges. One day, it shall be War saw War in their camp, and they will war no more in Politics of Rivers State and Nigeria at large.

Governor Sim Fubara, go ahead.
God is with You.
Rivers People and MEMBERS of GOD IS ABLE TEAM are with you.
Govern us with Integrity and the Will of God.
Peace be to Rivers State!

-Dr More Oja-Chinda is a Patriotic Citizen of Rivers State from Rumueme Kingdom, Obio/Akpor Local Government Area.

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