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NDPR: Host Community Condemns Threat To Son’s Life

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Ekpeye Supreme Monarch

The people of Ogbele Community in Ahoada East Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria have condemned an alleged threat to the life of one of her illustrious son.

The community made the condemnation when it went to the palace of the supreme Ekpeye monarch, Eze Amb Kelvin Ngozi Anugwo, Ph.D, AP, JP, Eze Ekpeye Logbo III to lodge a formal complaint of the threat to the life of their son, Hon Salvation Ezegwogwo JP, amongst other complaints.

The visit was at the palace of the Ekpeye Supreme Monarch on July 17th, where the community also listed the non implementation of agreed terms after the September 2022 four days peaceful protest, non employment, non disclosure of amount accrueable to the community trust fund and non implementation of local content act.

The community explained that instead of the company to tackle these issues amicably, it rather chose to resort to intimidation, threat and high-handedness.

It hinted that the appeal by Eze Anugwo, Eze Ekpeye Logbo III has saved the company from another shut down, whereby every conditions and agreements would have been met before demobilizing from the occupied spaces.

Speaking to newsmen on the alleged threat to the life of Hon Salvation Ezegwogwo, the Nye Nwhe Ele Ogbele Community, High Chief Prince Chiwhetu Ezegwogwo said; “Yes it is true. It was a WhatsApp call by Alhaji Umaru Buba. It happened on the 10th of July, at about 11:30pm, he said that he will use any mystical way to destroy Salvation’s life.

“Alhaji Buba has been causing much problems. Our coming here is to save Ogbele and Ekpeye communities. We want peace, I want peace but they do not want peace.

Expatiating more on how the issue has deteriorated, High Chief Ezegwogwo, pointed out that some members of the community had formed alliance with the company against the interest of Ogbele community; hinting that whenever Ogbele writes a letter, they subvert it with a counter letter heading against the common interest of the community.

“Alhaji Umaru Buba, the Community Manager, NDPR, do maneuver letters sent by Ogbele community, they will use another letter heading to write against the community which is against the law.

“The MD called me on the 24th of April last year that he will look into Ogbele matter, up till date, he has done nothing. We have been writing to them so many times but they have failed to listen to us.”

According to the Ogbele Community Council of Chiefs Public Relations Officer, PRO, Chief Nathan Amuso; “For me, personally, protest is not against the law except it is violent. So the next thing we can do is to launch a protest because before this time, a letter has been written to Police Headquarters, Ministry of Petroleum, Abuja, currently Governor Sim Fubara.

“So our complaints have gone round. We are expecting that these people will look into this matter so that there will be no breach of peace between the community and the NDPR,

“Now, we are telling the world that if they do not leave our son, Hon. Salvation Ezegwogwo alone, and anything happens to him, we will not take it lightly.

A youth Rep, Comrade Amuso Gift Amuso said “If the company as we have come to formally lodge the complaints to Eze Ekpeye Logbo, refuses to comply, infact, we will all match down to the company to shut it down.”

In his response, His Imperial Majesty, Eze Amb Sir Kelvin Ngozi Anugwo, PhD, AP, JP, DSSR, Eze Ekpeye Logbo III, thanked the community for the show of respect.

The supreme monarch promised to look into the issues laid, and urged for patience and restraint.

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