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Girl 17, Alleges Defilement by Police Officer Who Took Her Nude Video …She stole my 500,000 Naira, But I Slept With Her on Consent- Police Officer

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A 17 -year -old girl in Rivers State, has alleged that a Police Officer, Salihu Kazeem with his boys had stripped her friend and her naked,took video of their nude and raped them after accussing them of stealing his 500,000 naira.

In an interview with journalists, the teenager (name withheld ) said;

“it was in March this year,I was discussing with my friend about Job that,I am looking for a Job,she told me that that she was going to visit her friend that I should come with her,that may be I can talk to the man , who maybe able to help me.So when I saw the man I talked to him. He asked me my age,I told him,I am 17 year old.
He told me that since I am 17 year old there are some jobs that I cannot do.That he will see what he can do and get back to me.

“After then,he asked us if we had eaten,we said no,he gave us his ATM card that we should go and get anything we want to eat,we went and bought food and came back with the ATM card and gave him his ATM card.

“So he started claiming after we gave him his ATM card that he has many debit alert in his phone,we asked him the amount he refused to tell us.It was just recently he told us that he has being receiving debit alert which is 500,000 naira .

“So after that time he discharged my friend that brought me and kept me with the other girl I met there that he gave both of us the ATM card.

“He called his boys and told them we are thieves,they ordered us to pull our clothes.After pulling our clothes he recorded our nakedness.He told us that if we don’t cooperate with him,he is going to spread the nude videos.He took us to a room and poured us teargas and slept with us till the next morning before discharging us.

“After then,like after one month he has been coming. Any time he comes, if we refused to go with him,he will threaten us that he is going to share our nude videos on social media,then I will go with him,he will sleep with me.

“This last one he came,I was not around.He told my friend they should tell me to come,when they told me,I refused to go.Then on Monday when I was going to sew my slipper he met me on the road and asked me if my friend did not tell me to come,I said they told me ,He asked me Why did I not come,I said nothing then he dragged my phone from my hand that I should come with him.

“That when I am ready to pay him the 500,000 that he lost in his account that I should come that is when he will give me the phone.

“Reaching today,I went to the Rumupakani (Ada George) Police station to go and lay compliant so after then Police went with me to the man’s house but we did not see him.

“After I went home people told me some boys came to look for me and I do not know the boys.

“My life is under threat.I don’t know if he is the one that sent the boys.I am calling on the public because my life is under threat”.

When contacted the Police Officer,Salihu Kazeem said the girls did not come back that night but later gave one of their friends the ATM card to give to him after several hours on that fateful day.

He alleged that he has being receiving debit alert ever since he gave the girls his ATM card even as at Saturday,August 27,2022 he was talking to the press.

He denied taking nude videos of the girls while maintaining that they stole 500,000 naira from his account.

The Police officer however stated that he slept thrice with the girl with her consent, and not through blackmail with nude videos as alleged by the girl.

On the issue of the phone,the Police Officer accepted seizing the girl’s phone last Monday (August 22,2022) because one of her friend allegedly used her phone to threaten him.

Meanwhile the Centre for Basic Rights Protection and Accountability Campaign has called for a thorough investigation into the incident.

A lawyer with the human rights advocacy group Centre for Basic Rights Protection and Accountability Campaign,Festus Bonwin Esq in an interview with Journalists advised the Police officer to submit himself for Investigation.

Mr Bonwin further called on the Police Authority to thoroughly investigated the girl and the Police officer and if any one is found culpable, the person should be charged to court.

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