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ISAAC BORO CELEBRATION: We Must Stand Together To Defeat Disunity In The Niger-Delta – MOSIEND

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The leadership of Movement for the Survival of Izon Ethnic Nationality in the Niger Delta (MOSIEND), has called on Ijaws states of the Niger Delta region to unite in order to be emancipated from oppression.

The group made their position known in a statement signed and sent to newsmen in Yenagoa, on Monday, by the National Secretary
MOSIEND Worldwide, Amb. Winston Cotterel Amain, during the 2022 Isaac Boro Day Celebration in Bayelsa State.

MOSIEND condemned the disunity amongst the Ijaws and called for reorientation to properly reposition the struggle, noting that ssome actions and inactions from the people had ridiculed their collective struggle.

The group called on political parties in Nigeria to zone the presidency to the South South region of the country for justice and equity as the region has not have a fair share of Nigeria’s rulership.
The statement also called for the acquittal and release of its freedom fighters like Henry Okah , who are innocent of the charges against him.

The statement reads:
“Fellow compatriots, let us use today to clean ourselves from this Ebola of disunity that has turn us against ourselves, that has made us to speak or take actions that have ridiculed our collective struggle for a better place in the Nigerian state. Let us use today to unlock the potentials for our Liberation through setting up Ijaws Nation Framework vis a vis Ijaw people Republic; let’s us together set up the ijaw Development plan that will cut across Arogbo in Ondo State to Ebeano in Cross River State; let’s set up our neighbourhood watch to check mate the herdsmen and any external invader.

“This is the fifty-fourth (54th) celebration of the vision of our Hero, Major Isaac Adaka Boro. A vision of unity, a vision of freedom and a vision of love in the declared Niger Delta Republic.

“As Mosiendes, we observe, commend, instruct and where necessary criticise especially in an event of outright contravention of the fundamentals and vision of the actualization of the Reorientation, Repositioning and Recovery of our lost grounds in the emancipation of the Ijaw Nation.

“We are disturbed to watch with disdain the disunity that has eaten so deep into our blood and marrow. Which I say is worst than Ebola disease.

“Adaka Boro, is the spiritual consciousness of Ijaw Liberation which is in the blood of every Ijaw man awaken us today to speak in unity of purpose for emergence of a South South President that will restructure Nigeria and return the ownership of resources back to the communities.

The South South Zone has only governed this country for 4years during the military era and now. But we have helped in the growth and stability of this country more than any other region. Hence we should be given the opportunity to govern this country for another four year, for the interest of peace, oneness, equality and justice.

“We believe that for Nigeria to remain one, President Muhammadu Buhari and all political party leaders should as a matter of urgency resolve and zone the position of the President to the South South.

“We wish to state that, Political parties in the past have failed to recognise the facts that our support, our mobilization and resources if pulled out of any Political party, it will collapse.

“Therefore all political parties should take note and work towards zoning of the President to the South South, to avert the impending danger that will engulf the entire country if the South South is not given the opportunity to do it one term of four years.

“We must come together to demand the release of all freedom fighters being held in various correctional centers. We should not allow our leader, brother and friend Comrade Henry Okah die in South Africa prison. Henry Okah has not committed any crime against the Nigeria State nor the South African Government, but has placed his life for the enhancement of the struggle for the emancipation of the Ijaw Nation. And the gods of ijaw land have declared him not guilty of all charges leveled against him.

” Going forward, the South African Government has no other option than to discharge, acquit and pay compensation for unlawful detention.

I quote; “The truth which makes men to be free is for the most part, the truth men prefer not to hear.”

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