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Warning: August 20 is Isese & Oro Festival Day, Stay Away From These Areas For Your Own Safety

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Every 20th of August is Isese and Oro day across the country, traditionalists usually perform some rituals on this day.
Their activities always start from the night before the Isese day, the Oro is expected to come out tonight.

If you stay in some areas in Lagos State, you would have heard the warning and notice that was sent out by some traditional leaders telling people to stay in their homes between a particular period of time usually between 10 pm to 5 am because the Oro will come out.

It is forbidden for ladies, children, and strangers to see the Oro deity, there are grave consequences for anyone who violates this rule.

It is important that you inform your loved ones, friends, and families of this warning in order to save them from any form of embarrassments.

Also, on the 20th which is today, different rituals and sacrifices will be made, you should be careful of the places and areas you go to in order not to fall the victim. If you don’t have a business outside today, it is better that you stay in your home.

It is not that the ritual and sacrifices are totally bad, but some people use this opportunity to commit evils in society.

Some hoodlums also use the Isese and Oro festivals to unleash terror in the society by looting, fighting, and commit other kinds of atrocities.

If you are in Lagos State, some of these areas listed below have a record of violence and the Oro festival is likely to happen there tonight.

Mushin, Isolo, Isalẹ Eko, Iwaya, Ilasa, Ikorodu, Bariga, Itire, Oworonshoki, Oshodi, Agege, Ijora, Orilẹ, Alimosho, Sango Ota, and many more.

If you also stay outside Lagos, be careful of your movements within today. It is not safe to travel this period because you might get to your destination late and the Oro festival might be ongoing.

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