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Wife of Doctor Accused of Child Theft: They are Out to Tarnish my Husband’s Reputation

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Story by Pearl Harold

Wife of Doctor Kue Kasomene of Kasomene Faith City Hospital, Port Harcourt , Rivers State, accused of stealing a twin baby delivered in the hospital, has described the allegation leveled against her husband as an attempt to damage the reputation of her husband.
According to Mrs Kue, her husband was a former Commissioner for Health in River State,whose honesty prevented from stealing public funds and could not have engaged in such crime.
She disclosed that her husband , who is almost 77 years and still practising medicine is doing it out of the love for the profession and not for monetary gains that could have led him to perpetrate such crime.
“This man is seventy something years. The love he has for the profession is what makes him to still practise. It is not that he cannot feed himself or his children cannot feed him. I don’t know what they think a man like that will get out of selling or getting their child when we have grandchildren”

“This is a reputable man in this nation, a former Commissioner of Health. A person that was in government and was mocked that he is a foolish man who returned change to government. What will he do by selling a child”. Mrs Kue said .
She noted that the accusations are made because the couple are in need of a girl child and a prophet had told them they were going to have a baby girl.
She asserted, “a prophet told them that they will have a boy and girl. That is what they are hanging on. They even brought the person to harass this man”
The wife of the doctor said that if not for the competent hands that handled the woman’s case, she and the baby would not have survived because she was diabetic and hypertensive during the pregnancy.
She maintained no child was lost because a team of about eight to nine medical professionals carried out the surgery and all could not have connived to steal a baby.
She lamented that in spite of the care the hospital gave to the patient,they are being paid back with accusation of child theft
“My husband is a Reverend ,I’m a Reverend, anyone who hears his name will tell you he is a reputable man. They want trouble, but we will not follow them with trouble” the doctor’s wife stated.
She also revealed that at the Ada George Police station in Port Harcourt where the matter was reported, the couple was told the case had no merit, yet the couple is still insisting on the matter.
It would be recalled that a man named Caleb Karuna, had accused the hospital of stealing one of his twin babies during delivery through surgery.
He insisted that his wife was pregnant with twins because the scan done by the hospital showed that she was going to have a baby girl and a boy, but the hospital said only a baby boy was delivered after the surgery.

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